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Hi, I'm Abi!

Lets Change the Stats Together!

I'm creating a community of financially informed, financially empowered and financially FREE!

Abi is a real estate investor who has grown a multiple 7-figure real estate investment portfolio and is coaching others on getting started in real estate investing. She has more than 15 years of experience in corporate Finance working at Fortune 500 companies. Her passion lies in teaching others how to achieve financial freedom and has a strong resolve to simplify wealth building strategies so that anyone can pursue them. ⁠While coaching others in building wealth through real estate, she noticed that many of her clients who were aggressively pursuing these wealth building strategies were men and wanted to change the narrative. She also saw the pain and uncertainty from many around her struggling to keep up financially during a pandemic. She is ambitiously wearing many hats but her most important title is "mom". Paving the way for her two girls and all other girls, moms and women out there to earn what they're worth, spend time on the things that matter, and use that extra time and money to help change the world!

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